brni (brni) wrote,

wednesday - day 3

today my body just shut down.

and i know that i shouldn't be starting a post about linda's status with my status, but my status has become intrusive.

so, lets talk about linda. she saw her doctor this morning. he said that her nerves were "pretty beat up" and that, given what he saw when he was in, it was "unlikely" that her condition would have improved on its own. she still has some numbness on the top of her right foot, but the other numbness (right leg and foot) has all faded.

she ate a small amount of solids today, they're giving her stool softeners to see if they can get some action there. temp is still fluctuating between 99.x and 100.x, and she's not been able to get the suck-toy ball to stay up for a full 5 seconds.

(did i mention that they had to give her insulin the first night? apparently major surgery can cause acute diabetes.)


ok. i am, incidentally, home. many thanks to kim for coming to feed the loki, and also for shoveling the walk. that was incredibly sweet. thank you.

today she sat up, stood up, took a couple steps to the chair, and sat in the chair. i guess i should give a couple bits of preface to this.

first, when linda had just gotten out of the surgery, they needed to roll her over for something. the pain from this caused her whole body to go rigid, and for her arms to shart shaking uncontrollably. when asked to rate the pain, she rated it "4-5."

second, when i got to the hospital today, i parked and then sat in my car, unable to face the 2 block walk. that's what i mean when i say my body shut down. i have no idea how long i was there. i got to the room, got a new mask, got settled, and promptly fell asleep. to be woken up by the PT.

the PT was there to get linda to stand up for the first time. so, this started taking place. the PT started telling linda to start dosing up on morphine. i was displaced from the chair (there's only 1 chair, and she was being moved to it), and stood up feeling shakey and lightheaded. after linda described the pain that she was feeling by sitting up to be "6-7," things got decidedly weirded. i sat down on the little footstool that's in the room and put my head between my knees, wondering whether i was going to faint or be sick first. and then i left the room and paced halls until i felt safe enough to sit without falling over. didn't want to leave the room, but i know linda well enough to know that she's stupid enough to try to lift me if i fell over.

was fairly lucid for about a half hour after that, then fell back asleep, until linda sent me home and told me not to come back to the hospital until i'd seen a dr for my cold.

so, she's in much better shape today than she'd been the previous days, and presumably tomorrow will be even better. i suspect that they'll have her do some walking tomorrow.

she's also up to receiving visitors. general rools for that are at:

they say 11am-8pm, but they won't stop you if you come earlier.

Linda Saboe
Gibbon Building
9th floor
room 9126

not sure how long they're planning on keeping her there. i'd guess that thurs and fri is probably a safe assumption, but you never know... you know how these insurance companies are...


oh, edit: Gibbon building is the entire block from 10th-11th street, and between chestnut street and sansom street. There's parking on the left on 10th street (opposite the 10th street entrance to the building). You can validate the parking ticket thing in the hospital and park for approx half price. if you are wimpy, you can use the valet parking in front of the 11th street entrance.
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