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tuesday - day 2

my body refused to get up at 3:30am. it ignored the alarm, and as a result i didn't get down to the hospital until nigh-11. so. yesterday, i hated annoying nurses and doctors. today i'm hating myself for being too lazy to get my ass out of bed.

drs were in early AM, apparently lots of them. none of them are were from the surgical team that did the surgery. none of them are willing to make any guesses, comments, etc.

the nurse on duty today is way much better than the vanishing flake-nurse of yesterday. there's a bit of amusement about the meal thing. they insist on bringing 3 meals a day. even tho she's not supposed to eat today. her "solid" intake is restricted to ice chips, and she's allowed little sips of water and ginger ale. but they bring her food anyway. and they insist on leaving it. and it's not vegetarian. and nobody has the authority to change it. so lunch came. chicken pot pie. we told the lady to take it away. she said, but if I put it back out there, someone else might eat it. "That's good," linda said. "Ok," the lady said, and left it anyway.

Dinner was steak and gravy. This time they didn't leave it.

earlofgrey came to visit, and brought a cactus. "i didn't get flowers," she said, "because i didn't think you'd want living things sacrificed in your honor, so i got a cactus, because it has strong spines. and it does. it's also musical - it sounds like a cactusy thumb piano.

the boy and his roommate came by. was a good visit. i got to go out and grab some lunch at the cafeteria downstairs.

the sister and her husband and the father came by. they just left, and in the nick of time. he (her dad) kept holding her arm (where the IV goes in), etc. She's sleeping now.

She has a temp of 100.8. They say that it's normal for people to have an elevated temp after surgery, tho. But they're keeping an eye on these things.

As I did yesterday, I'll keep editing this entry until the day is done.


6:45pm - linda's fever seems to have gone down. that's subjective, relative to my hand, and by the color of her face.

linda's dozing intermittantly. we watched a little of the news, noticed that scooter libby got successfully scapegoated and that cheney is officially off the hook. also, milton street (the current mayor's big brother) has withdrawn from the race for the next mayor. what a nutter that one is. he had a big rally maybe a week back, saying that if soemthing like 3000 people didn't show up, he wasn't going to run. only about 100 people showed up, but he decided he'd stay in the race anyway, because it was gods will, or a spiritual destiny, or some such crap.

then he sang.

even worse than hillary.


9:20pm - i'm getting ready to head home and give loki's bladder some release.

nurse #2, Jenn, was definitely way way better than nurse #1 (Christina). nurse #2, for example, did NOT, when asked a question, just stand there staring, make it evident that it "wasn't normal" and then find a way to mask the symptom (or just go away with vague promises of being back some day). nurse #2 actually listened and then did things to help. nurse #2 even went so far as to get pain relieving stuff BEFORE going on break, instead of after.

nurse #3, Beth, just came on duty. if what she's done so far is any indication, she is even better than nurse #2. she checked a bunch of stuff. she dealt (aat least temporarily) with the whole vegetarian food thing. we have veggie broth here, and fake jello, and raspberry water ice. linda had a couple bites of some things and is now sleeping.

also notable is Ashok, the small Indian man who is charged with taking her vitals every once in a while, who got the ball rolling on the veggie food thing.

linda's temp is down to 100.3. the pins and needles feeling in her right leg has reduced. it is now pins and needles on the top of her right foot, not affecting her leg or the bottom of her foot. this is a good sign. we like nurse #3.

i have fixed a problem on my old company's network while i wrote this update. it is now going on 10pm, and i am going home to my puppy to let her know that mom's gonna be ok.


11:30pm - food has been accomplished. there's sleepytime tea. sinus drugs and bed beckon.

my brother-in-law informs me that i need to use more QQ's in my posts, if i'm to be properly LJ-emo. has anyone here ever used the string "QQ" in such a way?
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