May 21st, 2015



Tomorrow, I head south (and west) to Baltimore for Balticon 49. My panel schedule is fairly light, and mostly late night. So, if you're down for Balticon, drop in and say hey.


11:00 PM - Tack (50 minutes)
Rule Thirty‐Four of the Internet: Everything Is Sexy. EVERYTHING
Jay Smith (M), Bernie Mojzes, Nobilis Reed, Alessia Brio

Dinosaurs. Bigfoot. Tentacle Monsters. You name it; there's porn of it, especially when it comes to self‐published ebooks. Well‐written or not, there's no doubt that weird erotica has gotten popular. We'll talk about why folks like it, how to write it, and what makes for a good sex monster.  [18+]


11:00 PM - Tack (50 minutes)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Erotica Readings
Nobilis Reed (M), Alessia Brio, Bernie Mojzes, Jesse Sharpe, Bliss Morgan

Authors read spicy excerpts and flash fiction. 18+


6:00 PM - Salon B (50 minutes)
Editing for Magazines
Martin Berman‐Gorvine (M), Mike Allen, Bernie Mojzes, Mike Pederson, Hildy Silverman

A look at what it takes to be a magazine editor from those with the chops to tell you what it's all about.

11:00 PM - Chesapeake (50 minutes)
Reading: Late Night‐ Alessia Brio, Stephanie Burke, Bernie Mojzes


12:00 PM - Salon D (50 minutes)
What Do Short Fiction Editors Want?
Scott H Andrews, Mike McPhail, Bernie Mojzes, Alex Shvartsman

What is the behind‐the‐scenes process of what happens at a magazine? From Slush to Sale panel