April 25th, 2015


Clowns: The Kickstarter

Oh LiveJournal, how I neglect thee.

I last posted in August. In September, I started full time with a startup out of San Francisco. Still living on the east coast, but heading west regularly.

I've totally failed to mention here that, hey! look! We've got a Kickstarter going.

We're down to the last few days of the kickstarter. What are we doing? We're putting together an anthology of clown stories, slated to come out Halloween this year. We've reached our funding goal, but the more we reaise, the more stories we can include in the anthology.

We're also opening up for submissions for this anthology on May 1st and will be open until the 178th anniversary of the death of Joey the Clown, May 31st.

Anyway, come check out the kickstarter. Watch the video - you get to hear clown-themed music by Shriekback, watch a video created by Greg Bossert, and see me get a pie thrown in my face.