December 28th, 2005


centralia uber alles

last september lsaboe, westlinwind, the kate, and the artist formerly known as msdreadful but now magically transformed into the fabulous earlofgrey joined me on a trip to Centralia. we also went on a nearby coal mine tour, and took a ride on a lokie train (which lives in a lokie barn). and we found an orthodox cemetary (some other people showed up and looked at the cyrrillic on the tombstones and said "i didn't think those people believed in christ"), where we picnicked on the warm ground. and we met an evil duck.

i finally got the pictures online here. again, not photoshopped or anything.

was a sunshiny day, so not much smoke was visible, not enough to really show up on photographs. the time i'd seen it before was in february and it was snowing (about 1 inch accumulation everywhere but centralia, where the ground melted the snow and turned it to steam, casting it back to the skies).