December 26th, 2005


the xmas extravaganza

xmas eve was, as always, stressful.

frantic last-minute stuff, and then picking up linda's dad (who, after we arranged to pick him up at home, decided that he'd wait for us at the wawa, and then barely recognized us when we actually did meet up with him). after that, rushing to be late to dinner with my parents and brother, his girlfriend, and with kaj and his family. jesse got an electric mug warmer. my parents are so fricken weird.

i was unsuccessful in luring my favorite pew-mate to church for the midnight service, alas. perhaps next year... if we should be forced to deal with all the nastiness that religion brings us, i think it only right that we also avail ourselves of the great opportunities that sacred places offer.

the whole "this commercialization of xmas sucks, so we're going to do one gift each, and that's it" plan worked about as well as can be expected. so linda got me the first season of carnivale, and the curse of lono by hunter s. thompson and illustrated by ralph steadman (who also illustrated the ultimate version of alice in wonderland), and a book on zappa. and a wooden oak leaf. and there was serenity and danny kaye and coyote and socks and tequila and a fantastic artichoke dip (and i *hate* artichokes, but this was amazing), and baked brie and a spectacular wooden bowl made from driftwood and a wily japanese buddha who knows more than people think.

there was more, not from yesterday, or from yesterday eve, but all in the same spirit, and i don't have the words to express how much both linda and i are touched by this.

yesterday there was food in abundance, and drinking, of all manner of things, in all manner of excess, and there was jamming - both mare and eileen are great drummers (eileen needs to tell her drum instructor to fuck himself next time he tells her she sucks), lance and charlie both kick ass on guitar, linda played along quite well on the djembe. if only i didn't suck on bass, we'd be good.

linda, it must be noted, puts together the finest nativity on this planet, and it is one of the reasons i love her.

sorry this is so disjointed, but i'm, well, feeling disjointed.