December 24th, 2005


adventures in modern living

or: "Who the hell ever decided that white was a good color for vinyl siding?"

if you haven't figured it out, my house has vinyl siding, and it's white. this has the effect of showing off any dirt that gets on the house quite well. it also shows off any moss or mildew that might decide to grow on the northern side quite well.

now, if i had a stone house, having green stuff growing on my house would be cool. but with my house, it's just lame.

so last weekend, i found a pressure washer thingie on sale at the home despot for $130, and decided that it was time. i took it home, and of course, had to wait until friday because it was too cold to spray earlier. i only had a couple hours, so it's not quite perfect - need to spend a bunch more time on it when i get a chance, but it is good enough for guvment work.

so here's the lessons i learned:

* the longer the stuff's been growing, the more difficult it is to remove.

* if you clean the bottom, and then clean the top, you have to clean the bottom again.

* if you leave the door cracked to feed the extension cord through, and then clean the side of the house next to the door, the inside of your house becomes wet.

* on siding, horizontal strokes work better than vertical ones

* electricity behaves in really odd ways when your device is using approximately exactly the amount of power the breaker is rated for.

the last one was particularly enlightening and annoying. the thing would spray normally for a while, and then the power would start doing this cyclic wave thing, the power dropping then surging and dropping then surging in increasing magnitude until the breaker tripped.

i think i need to go thru the house and make sure that all the electronica are properly surge protected.