December 19th, 2005


is it kvetching if it's true?

so yesterday, ol' GW came on and made his case for staying the course, and after that, suddenly there was this show on - Desperate Housewives. this is perhaps one of the few shows that i find more annoying than Sex in the City (a show whose only saving grace is that the characters get nekkid sometimes).

and it seems sad to me that after a century of feminist activism, one of the most popular TV shows around is one that glorifies stepford wifery and holds up petty cattiness as the one true female virtue.

and its also sad that of the superhero characters they've deemed to export the silver screen, so few are female. and when they do, they take catwoman, a character who is at least as interesting and nuanced as batman (perhaps moreso, because she defines her own ethical scheme, while batman merely enforces the dominant prevailing ethical schema), they make the movie about... well, what else would you make a girl-hero story about?

make-up. duh.

i suppose the sequel will be about diamonds.