December 14th, 2005



well, its been a while. finally went to a dr. i have one, of course, down in westtown, but it's such a hassle getting there, getting there when they're open. and so i never get there. been needing to get the cholestorol checked and all that fun stuff, for a few years now. so, new doctor, nearby this time, closer to the rest of my life.

blood pressure is up. need to get labs done for cholestorol and all. she wants to do an ultrasound of my liver and my gallbladder. not sure what she's expecting to find there, but hopefully something not too terribly scary.

wants to try controlling the blood pressure and etc without meds first - wants me to excercise at least 3-4x per week, preferably more, increase my fish consumption, decrease my carbs - no pasta or pizza or bread or rice fo' me. reduce caffiene.

prescribed prilosec for the heartburn, said i may be experiencing esophagus spasms (could explain the back and neck tenseness i get when it kicks in) and apparently the gallbladder may be implicated in this whole thing (hence the ultrasound).

had fun at the pharmacy. the insurance company decided 1) that they wouldn't pay the generic prilosec prescription because there's a similar OTC version (and where did insurance companies get authorization to practice medicine?), and 2) wouldn't pay to my pharmacy. said my pharmacy didn't have a contract w/ them (been using these folks for the last 10 years w/ no problem). changed their story - the pharmacy has a contract, but they won't pay any claims to THIS pharmacy for MY plan because i have to get all my drugs mailorder (also clearly bogus, as the day before i filled linda's prescription with no problem). that the pharmacy's national headquarters had screwed up the paperwork for their branch - also clearly bogus, as this is an independant pharmacy ("I am national headquarters," quoth the pharmacist to the lying rat bastard on the phone). That there was something wrong with the contract, and it would take 72 hours to fix, and any further questions should come from the cardholder - they didn't want to talk to the pharmacist anymore.

so i called them. explained my situation to the nice lady who answered the phone. she realized that this was a difficult one, and put me on hold and never came back. so i ended up talking to a guy. he told me lie after lie, each of which was countered by info from the pharmacist (that he'd received from the insurance co earlier). after nearly an hour on the phone, he admitted that there was a problem in their system that couldn't be fixed until business hours in the AM.

and what about the prescription they refuse to pay for? i'll have to talk to the insurance company. isn't that who i called? it's the number on my card. no, no, they're a different company - they just process claims. no, they don't know what number i need to call to actually talk to my insurance company. the pharmacist thinks this battle is unwinnable - that i either have to buy $100 worth of inferior OTC stuff (instead of a $20 co-pay for the prescription), or get the dr to prescribe a different drug (of which there is no generic, so the insurance co AND i both end up paying more for).

these people all need a bonus.