November 20th, 2005



In, a friend of mine came up with one of the more interesting things we can all hope becomes a meme.

basically it goes like this:

1. Pick an unusual object in your bedroom. I'm not talking about the signed poster you got from a concert last year, or that godawful present that you didn't exchange because you knew it would hurt someone's feelings. I mean something that you kept in your room on purpose, even though it wouldn't make sense to anyone else, maybe not even to you.

2. Tell me about it. Write it as a story, or a poem, or just a simple explanation. Why is it important enough to have a place in your private space? This is NOT a critiqued writing assignment, and it's not me trying to get pry into your personal lives, so only share what you feel comfortable. I want to know all of you guys, and I think that some of the smallest things in our lives are the richest and most telling.

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we went to a matinee of the new harry potter movie (which was good, but i'm starting to get annoyed with Rowling's use of stereotypes). after the show we walked out to the parking lot and i noticed that there was a red Scion XB sitting in the front row of cars. the reason why this is interesting starts with the fact that there's not a whole lot of red Scion XBs wandering around.

so, i saw this car that looked just like mine, just parked in the wrong part of the parking lot. so i figured i'd experiment. it was on the way to my car, so i walked as it i was going to it, up to the drivers side, and then kept walking, figuring linda would have her moment of confuzzlement and then yell at me. i get to my car and linda is gone. i look back and she's sitting in this other person's Scion XB.

"where have you been?" she asked.

"why are you breaking into someone else's car?"