October 23rd, 2005


more serenity

unfortunately, it seems that serenity has been novelized. in general, novelizations of movies tend not to be particularly good (though there are some exceptions), and it is therefore all-the-more painful when it is a movie you love, because serenity-the-novel is no exception.

amazon has been nice enough to give me enough text out of the novel for me to know not to spend any money on it.


the author lost me on the first line.

but hey, its serenity, so i'll read a little more. the second sentence is doubly ouchy. not to mention the third sentence not even being a sentence.

the thing about serenity is that it's really good combining action and horror and camp and humor and all manner of subtleties with regard to motives and relationships, and any writer who fucks up a description of running up a hill if going to fail at all those things. and i don't wanna put myself thru that.