October 18th, 2005


mmmm... basil

I’m sitting here at the Thai Pepper in Wayne (which has been renamed "Flavors, by Thai Pepper" and suffered a $.50 price increase on menu items recently). They are filming. Apparently there’s a series being done of young successful chefs who are alumni of Art Institutes around the country. This is the first episode. The woman running this show is Yvonne Stevens, an alumnus of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and it is being filmed, edited and etc by Art Institute students. They are hoping that it’ll be shown on the Food Network. They’re hoping that this will inspire other young people to go to college to become chefs, camera geeks, and so on. Pretty cool.

It’s late (nigh 3pm), and I’m the only patron here right now. I wonder if my food will be on the show… Nope, my food is here, and the film crew hasn’t gotten into the kitchen yet. Alas.

Oh well. American isn't ready to see tofu on TV anyway.