October 17th, 2005


eight days a week

i'm ... things are weird. work has been hectic of late, as in, wake up, work, eventually manage to get a shower, work more, and if i'm lucky, get the first food for the day sometime between 2 to 4 pm. its getting tiresome.

end result is that i'm not getting any writing done, and when i do manage to eek out a few minutes to write, i'm not able to focus. i'm losing the thread. i'm losing my way. i want very much to finish up this chapter by halloween, but its slipping from me.

we need more people at work. i need to get my sleep schedule back to something sane. i need to get back to karate. i need to get someone to do something to get my back pain under control, and i need to have time to actually devote to that. and i need to get myself actually writing prose on a regular basis.