October 9th, 2005


river and grammar and KaTe, oh my

haven't seen Serenity yet? hrmm. well, watch the first 10 minutes at http://video.vividas.com/CDN1/3929_Serenity/web/index.html

i'm not alone in thinking this: Orson Scott Card thinks you should see Serenity too.

last in my Serenity links is an interview with Joss Whedon AND Neil Gaiman. how cool is that?

more links: does your pet need these? and how long will it take until the BME folx catch on?

why should we recycle? http://www.kleercut.net/en/

why should people learn how to write before becoming writers? http://telephonyonline.com/home/news/cogent_level_3_100505/ i mean, what kind of moron doesn't know how to spell "imbalance"? in public?

and - if you pre-order kate's new album here: http://www.sonymusicstore.com/store/catalog/MerchandiseDetails.jsp?merchId=90444&skuId=90477 you can get a free kate lithograph.

and that's abt it for now.