October 3rd, 2005


shemp on two legs

long ago, when i wuz a kid, we had these big disks made out of vinyl, with grooves in them that spiralled toward the center, and if you rotated the vinyl disks at 33.3 revolutions per second and put an appropriately sized needle on the grooves, it would produce sounds.

now, due to the vagaries of mass production, it was not tremendously unusual to bring home one of these disks from the store, remove it from it's packaging, put it on the turntable, only to discover that there would be some flaw that caused the disk to improperly reproduce the sound it was designed to reproduce. and thus, it was a Queen song I woke up with in my head, but not just any version of that Queen song - it was with Eric Harville's copy of Death on Two Legs, which was scratched in such a way as to cause Freddie to sing about one of the Three Stooges, which is the way i will always hear that song.