October 2nd, 2005


protect us from the elements

when jesse was - oh - 14 or so, he started asking questions about drugs. i guess they were doing the obligatory "just say no" campaign at school, which of course has the effect of making everyone curious. i told him: "if you're going to smoke anything, smoke pot. don't smoke cigarettes."

this morning has been filled with two of the primary elements: water and poo. of water, there was: water applied to the animals dishes, water applied to the indoor plants, water applied to the outdoor-for-the-summer plants, water applied to ground up roasted beans that had been personally shipped by Starvin' Marvin the Ethernopian, water applied to the gardens, water applied to the iguana in the form of a well-deserved bath, water applied to the bottom of my shoe to remove some of the second primary element that has ruled this morning, and water applied to the brita. of poo there were two types: dog and iguana. the latter is by far the nastier, containing within it all the worst aspects of cat poo and bird poo, along with yellowish semi-solid urates and a copious splortch of liquid; the former is by far the most evenly distributed. the dog poop, collected, is placed in the dog poop pail, which has apparently also become the ashtray dumping pail for the boy. now there's two smells that really (really) need not to be mixed.

jess never was real good about following directions.

so, iguana cage cleaned, iguana cleaned, dog poops picked up out of the back yard, birkenstocks cleaned, everything watered. perhaps later i will get together with c_bob and make some muzak. for now, i'm going to apply water to my own body, and then (squeekily clean (see the Sugarcubes first album for the reference)), i shall be off to find food and caffiene and a place to sit and write for a few hours.

i've started getting some ideas for the first novel i started, right after i left netaxs/fastnet - the one that none of you have seen any of. but i think i'm going to rewrite it as a series of emails, published in a web page designed to look like a mail client, with an inbox, a sent-mail folder, and various other folders, and leave it to the readers to piece together the plot in whatever order they choose.

but my zoo music girl is insisting that she be written first, and she won't be denied.


zoo music girl is up to 64000 words, roughly. not counting the false ending.

its another 3400 words if you count the false ending. i can't believe i put that much effort into a joke.