October 1st, 2005



there's very few ways to be woken up that are less pleasant than the touch of fur against one's legs, the rhythmic movement of the animal's body under the sheets, and most of all the sounds of a dog heaving and puking somewhere in the vicinity of one's feet. some day, if you are very, very bad, i'll tell you of one of those things. but not today.

so the bedding gets dumped into the laundry and i review the various trouble ticket queues, and somewhere around 9am (which is to say, sometime between 10:30 and 11) scotty is supposed to forward the on-call line to his phone, and i'm thinking, hey, maybe i'll actually be able to get to karate today.

it's been a couple months now, and i'm feeling the lack, the loss of muscle tone, the return of old aches and pains i haven't felt for years, and i need to get back.

and then a modem chassis in pittsburgh pukes, and the hours go by diagnosing the problem and getting new gear ready for deployment. so now it's 2pm, and once again i've missed class, i've failed to actually get any food in me. this one meal a day thing is getting very old. older than juliet of the massively flaming cake.

i saw serenity for the third time last night. it is amazing, truly amazing (and people who were there who had not ever even scene the TV show concurred). i had heard that they'd changed it a bit from the preview versions in order to push the ratings from an R to a PG-13, but i honestly don't see what went missing. the real release version had background music throughout, and the special effects were more fully developed, which gave the film a little "fuller" feel, and there were credits, and the film resolution was a bit better than the projected burnt-to-dvd version of the sneak previews, which were all nice. but as for what was removed? i suspect that we'll have to watch the two versions side-by-side to see what got hacked.

so. sushi tonight, i hope. i'm going to see if i can get a couple hours writing done in the interim. it doesn't do to keep jill waiting. she doesn't think of herself as a patient person, but she's less patient than she is willing to admit, and it's only her tendancy to get distracted by other shiny things and ideas that keeps her from being wholly intolerable. but this... this... waiting for the writer to find the time as she listens to the sounds coming from the other side of her bedroom wall...

oh. and it's drein's birthday. happy birthday, wherever you are.