September 10th, 2005


tragic, but true

yes, i've become complicit in a country song.

dsseven was jamming w/ some friends, and they recorded some of the songs. i set up some web space for her ( ) and she put them online. as a result she's gotten a gig offer from someone she doesn't know, and someone else wanted to send a "good" copy of one of her originals to nashville. go figure.

so last weekend i went up to the lair of the vinyl catfish, and we laid down a bass track, and doug threw in some lead guitar. dsseven did lead and backing vox, and her husband played 12-string. i'm not happy with the bass line i put down, but then, i'm waaaaay out of practice. it's also extremely difficult to play well to a recorded piece, putting down a track with headphones on, while all the other musicians stare at you. unnerving. i do much better when everyone is playing and all the visual queues are there, the movement of fingers, toes, the sway of bodies to the music, the unspoken conversations that consist only of a meeting of eyes and a nod of the head, but which speak volumes. that's where music is born, and where it lives.

but here it is, for what it's worth. please forgive the crap at the beginning. please forgive the levels - it needs tweaking. and please forgive the crappy bass playing. but the singin' is pretty good.

Main Line Girls

There’s four of them frequenting the cafe. What, 15 years old? Something like that.

The one in pink is wearing some sort of wonder bra thing that pushes her breasts together, lifts them, and just barely covers her nipples. The shirt covers exactly the same surface area as the bra, plus a little of her middrift. She’s wearing skin-tight blue shorts. Her belly bulges slightly in the two inches between where the tight shirt ends and the tight shorts start.

Across from her is a brunette, the only one. The other three are blonde. She has a super-tight brown shirt that shows a lot more middrift but a lot less cleavage. She’s wearing long pants. They are tight and elastic and show off every curve and fold.

Next to her is a girl with a skirt – it’s a frouffy denim thing, like a country-western type skirt, but is barely long enough to cover her vulva, you know, when she pulls it down. She literally pushed an older woman (by that I mean someone my age) who was trying to sit down with two cups of coffee. Bitch was in the way. The brunette (above) pushed through after her, not even noticing the woman who was shoved to the side in the process. She was talking too much to notice her surroundings.

Damn. They’ve left. How'm I supposed to finish my descriptions? I don’t remember what kind of top the miniskirt girl was wearing. Some sort of t-shirt, clearly not as fashionable as the other three. According to someone I spoke with, she’s actually very nice and polite when she’s not around the other three, and she’s “definitely not the leader.”

Update: the girls are 14. Apparently the day before, they were talking loudly in the café about who they’d given head to and how much they liked it.

The last of them was actually the most modestly dressed, with a tight, grey tanktop and tight, somewhat fashionable jeans.

Now, I don’t have anything against sluts, of either gender. In fact, I wholeheartedly endorse the separation of sexuality and morality. I think if more people were having sex more of the time with less guilt and shame associated with it, there’d be a whole lot less violence and hatred and theft and just about everything else.

I just wish people would show some taste and some manners. That’s all.