September 9th, 2005


the whipping boy emerges

as i predicted (not sure whether it was here or in someone else's journal) things are proceeding toward setting up Michael Brown to take the fall for this mess.

he's been sent back to washington where he plans to walk his dog, eat mexican food, and drink a margarita.

in an interesting twist, the fox news article on this (,2933,168915,00.html ) is far more critical of Brown and of FEMA than the Al-Jazeera article on the same topic ( ). fox news is well-known for being strongly conservative and strongly pro-Bush in its viewpoints.

time magazine has discovered some, uh, padding in mr brown's resume. article is here:,8599,1103003,00.html


from the resume: "serving as an assistant city manager with emergency services oversight."
from his old boss, former city manager Bill Dashner: "Yes. Mike Brown worked for me. He was my administrative assistant."

nice, huh?

we'll see how much blame can be heaped on the boy before some of it sticks elsewhere.

the prodigal son

colon powell has spoken up, slamming the failures to respond properly.


It "should have been a blinding flash of the obvious... that when you order a mandatory evacuation, you can't expect everybody to evacuate on their own", he said.

CNN is carrying the Reuter's article: - but, uh, don't bother looking for it on CNN's front page.

order in the courts

Looks like Alberto Gonzales, the man who drafted the documents that said that the US is not restricted by the Geneva Convention as it concerns Afghanistani prisoners of war, and who drafted the documents that redefined what constitutes torture as applied by the US, is once again being put forward for a position on the supreme court.

meanwhile, a federal court has ruled that the constitution does not apply when the President says it doesn't, and that the government can now hold US citizens indefinitely, without charges and without access to legal representation.