September 2nd, 2005


new orleans

for anyone who wants to read about what is going on (from someone who is there and keeping Internet running for parts of the city), read this:

he compares the situation on the streets to Lord of the Flies, describes cops driving looters out of stores and then looting it themselves, national guardsmen throwing supplies out of moving vehicals because they're afraid of the crowds, and so on.

its all just so unbelievably grim.

and this post: looks at things from a different perspective. quite a chilling one.

more on N.O.

the good: fats domino was rescued.

the bad: the city is on fire - there've been massive blasts in the industrial sector, and apparently a huge chemical fire is burning. CNN buried that news halfway down their current coverage. the BBC has it as their headline.

the unbelievable: the statements that have been made by people, mostly people who should be forefront in the command and control structure of the rescue efforts, have been stunning. FEMA chief Michael Brown has said that the victims bear responsibility for what has happened. Meahwhile, Dubya has said:

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees. They did appreciate a serious storm but these levees got breached and as a result much of New Orleans is flooded and now we're having to deal with it and will,

doesn't he read the news? oh wait, he doesn't. his people will tell him if there's anything he needs to know. you know. when he gets back from vacation.