August 25th, 2005


blogging lesson for c_bob

lesson #1: it doesn't matter how interesting the thing is, or how deep you can be while talking about it. what matters is that has amusement value.

example #1:

i thought the idea of taking a shower was to strip away the previous day's nastiness, leaving the skin clean and fresh. so what is it about hotel soap? i find it always leaves you feeling sorta, i dunno, gummy-feeling. they make that stuff out of, i don't know, probably mostly moisturizer, coating your body in a soft, oily cacoon. if i wanted that, i'd go swimming near an Exxon tanker.

example #2:

are we so scared of touching germs now that we're willing to have automatically flushing toilets splash human waste all over our ass-cheeks and other more sensitive bits?? or am i missing something obvious?