August 12th, 2005


lighthouses might hold the key

my life appears filled with strange coincidences lately. for example, someone i know on LJ used to date someone i used to know (i worked with his mom at a former job, and he interned with us back when he was in high school).

so today i get the Villanova alumni magazine. i never read this thing. it sits for 3 days, or a week, and then finds it's way to the circular file. but for some reason i started looking thru the thing to see if anyone i'd gone to school with were mentioned. i doubted it - i hung out with the outcasts, the few people who weren't identical to everyone else, and none of us is likely to ever get our accomplishments mentioned in this rag. but i found this:

Roberta A. "Robbe" Healey '88 MBA. earned the highest professional fundraising credential from the Association of Fundraising Professionals. The Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive (ACRE) certification has been awarded to only 75 individuals since 1992. Healey is development director for The Hickman, a Quaker assisted living community in West Chester, Pa., and also is principal of Farr Healey Consulting L.L.C.

oh, also, Dr. Kristin Switala (who was in the philosophy department with me) is briefly mentioned for having had a baby. seems oddly ironic, yet solidly in the Villanova tradition.