August 9th, 2005



today (tonight?) i was sorta feeling a craving for something... munchable. but nothing was catching my eye - wasn't in the mood for chips or anything cheesy, or for ice cream, and i sure as hell didn't want to cook anything.

well, a while back i got a package of mukhwas, and that struck me as the right stuff - sweet and refreshing without leaving me feeling overstuffed or anything. so, i pulled it out and poured some into my hand. suddenly loki (who'd been sound asleep) was there, next to me, staring into my hand like it held the one true ring and licking her lips, one ear flopped up on top of her head in the best version of bed-head i'd ever seen. she looked me in the eye, then back at the mukhwas, then back at me. Then she placed one paw, gently, on my arm.

ok, dogs beg for table scraps, for leftover salmon, for scooby snacks, even. but for fennel seeds? after saying "please," and being given permission, she snarfed them up (not gobbling them in typical dog fashion, but carefully cracking the tiny seeds, one by one, between her teeth), and then indicated rather eloquently that i should pour more of these things into my hand.

every day i am more and more convinced that the distinction between "human" and "animal" is largely arbitrary. the other day jesse was whistling at the dog, and she pursed her lips in the same shape as a person's when they are whistling, and then whined in the same pitch that jesse was whistling.

and the dove barks and sings along with Portishead.


from the Leadheads mailing list:
Subject: [Leadheads] stay tuned for an even better gig happening...

Wanted to let you know...
It's not nailed down yet, but we are working to confirm a major
theater show with special guests in St. Paul for mid-October.

Also an acoustic show TBA in mid-December at the Cedar in Minneapolis.

Please stay tuned!


prolly a lot easier to get to than winona...