August 7th, 2005



now, anyone who knows me knows that i'm not the sort that fetishizes fast cars. to me, the best car is one that gets me from point A to point B, that fits me and my gear (which can be anything from musical equipment to annoyingly large routers) - or me and my harem (once linda decides who should be in it), is fuel efficient and as generally environmentally friendly as possible, and is easy to park in the city (i.e. in a perfect world, it would fold up and fit into my back pocket).

but still, this looks like fun.

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Woof! Woof! Woof!

She was barking, not angrily, but the slow, measured barks of someone saying, "Pay attention. Give me some of that food."

Now, when we got a dog, I really hoped we weren't getting a yappy, barky dog that just went on and on at nothing. And I especially hoped that we didn't get a dog that would be a complete asshole about food. And we did ok on that front. Loki hates the mailman and the UPS driver, but she's a pretty even-tempered dog.

You gotta realize that we also have an Amazon Red Lourd Parrot. It didn't take Milo long to figure out how to make that sound, so now we have a parrot that barks. And that's who I thought was barking. But Milo wasn't our problem child. So here's the weird thing: the other noise-making creature we have is an African Ring Neck Dove who we rescued. And she coos and makes pretty noises, especially when we're playing blues or Portishead. And she's the one who was barking.

Now, since when do doves imitate?