August 5th, 2005


under my fingers new stories arise

went to an art show this evening, linda and krys and kate and i, at moore college of art. the artists name is elena fajt. she's an artist who works in textiles, from slovenia, and over the past few years she has gotten interested in human hair as her textile. very cool stuff, alternately (or simultaneously) funny and disturbing.

check out her site: (requires flash)

we all donated hair. linda and krys each took one long lock of my hair. a bit later, my parents showed up. was an interesting reunion of sorts; krys and my mother get along so well.

then we drove to south street ("that's where msdreadful works," i pointed out. "oh, is that where she works? cool!" and we found food that was acceptable to all at the latest dish, on 4th street, just south of south street, which has always done good by me.

kate rode on my shoulders, even into a pastry shop on 5th and bainbridge (what's the name? the something rose.) and then we drove back to my house. krys and kate went home, and i went to my d&d game, where we fought terasks. nasty little buggers.


tomorrow (friday, 8/5), ruth redding is having an opening for her show tatu, at the sunset hill gallery in west chester. ( ) mrs redding, as we called her, was my 9th grade geometry teacher (that would have been year of 1979-1980), the person who introduced me to logic and formal proofs, and whom i loaned my copy of the phantom tollbooth because i decided that she must read it. she stands out as one of my favorite teachers at Henderson, and actually, of all time, truly a beautiful person.

even tho i sucked at geometry.

show is from 4-8. i wonder if she'll recognize me...