August 2nd, 2005


strange days

it's been an odd few weeks, filled with interesting new things (such as some unexpected (to me) twists in zoo-music-girl), with moments of great sadness and great joy (sometimes intermingled - a bittersweet pain). of chapters closed, and of new ones just opening, finally able to open.

and its been a time when old friends have been appearing. some of you have been here for a while, others have really just reappeared recently. ex-lovers abound. god, how long ago was it, cara? '81 or '82 or something? damn, we're old. and old friends from high school have appeared, as if from nowhere. greg and web and cara all blogging on yahoo 360 (i'm really wanting to avoid having to maintain Yet Another Account, but the yahoo blogs seem to not allow anonymous responses - it's a dilemna).

it seems like all but one of my exes that i'm in touch with is going through a crisis of some sort or another, which is distressing. each of them are very special to me, and remain in my heart, and i worry about them. and, given the trend, i worry about those whom i'm not in touch with, as well. especially the more fragile of them.

i think that part of my feeling of disruption in time has to do with things missing from the week. the karate school was closed last week, so none of that happened, and then d&d got canceled, so nothing that was supposed to happen in a given week actually did. at least, none of the stuff that makes for a break from daily grind. somewhat disconcerting.

but maybe this sort of maelstrom of crises is needed once in a while to help defocus from the ordinary and focus on the important.