June 28th, 2005


they've got muscle for brains

Some things piss me off, more, perhaps, than they should. Or perhaps not.

Today I stopped at the WAWA and got cash and then decided to spend some of it on Swedish fish. So I was standing in line. The guy in front of me had a bunch of stuff, and it got stuffed into a plastic bag. When the clerk (I’m sorry, the “Associate”) pulled the bag off the rack, a couple other bags slipped partially off the rack. Without breaking his stride, the associate pealed the errant bags off, and threw them on the floor.

Does it strike anyone else as wrong that, in a time when people are dying in wars over oil, when toxins from landfills and dumping are creating record levels of cancers, that others are wasting oil products with such casual disregard?

Why is it that people are so fucking brain-dead?