June 26th, 2005


kids today

kids today, with their cellphones and their laptop computers and their high-definition TV with hundreds of channels... and they're still bored.

when i was a kid, we didn't have TV. when we wanted entertainment, we'd stare at the paintings on the side of the cave, and if we crossed our eyes a little, it would look like they moved.


had a weird dream, involving kim trying to install a rack of gear for us someplace, and the facility not wanting to grant her access, and a bozo from work claiming that there wasn't enough electric to run all the telnet sessions on the servers.


had too much sushi last night. sam bought us a lemon grass plant. loki will be happy when she discovers it - she loves the taste of lemon grass.


the karate picnic was disappointing this year. kwan jang nim ended up out of town, and the norristown school had a very dismal showing. dunno how much of that is lack of interest, how much is because a lot of people were out of town, and how much because we didn't get any posters up until last minute and didn't advertise the event.

not everything was bad, tho. beth made the most amazing little dill and cucumber and cayenne pepper sandwiches and asked me to tell linda that her belly buttons were doing really well and had beautiful blue flowers (bachelor buttons, linda corrected). rafer and i looked at each other, both thinking the same thing: "is it smokable? no? so tell me again why i should be interested?" met a nice young lady there who, when i was about to leave, said "you should stay and play cards." "strip poker?" i asked. she smiled, replied: "I suck at poker. OK."

but i was a good boy and went home.


rafer and beth are interested in joining the caravan to centralia when we figure out when that will be.


the teevee just said that it's been a decade since jagged little pill came out.

it has?

fuck, it's been a short decade. tho lots has happened.

  • i was framing pictures at Fairmount Framing
  • i was taking classes at villanova with the intent of getting a master's in compsci (having already divested myself of a ph.d. program in philosophy at temple)
  • i moved in with linda and her crazy teenaged son
  • i got a job doing tech support for netaxs
  • i built netaxs, watched it grow, watched people "better" at business than me drive it into the ground and bankrupt it.
  • i went to weddings, i went to funerals
  • i played in a band. i got paid, for what it's worth.
  • i started taking karate. i earned my blackbelt.
  • doctors told me i had high cholestesterol. i started eating fish.
  • i surprised everyone and got married. my dad officiated. hamell on trial played my wedding. 4 of my exes came to the wedding. hamell played a song about hating cheese for kate.
  • the internet happened. i mean, it was there before, but it wasn't there for everyone.
  • cell phones happened.
  • 911 happened, and the world was changed irrevocably, in our minds. the oklahoma city bombing was conveniently forgotten.
  • the kid grew up
  • i've lost track of friends i thought i'd keep close forever, and met new friends. cyberspace has changed the nature of friendship.
  • i still haven't gotten my degree
  • we bought a house. we got a dog. she's the best dog in the world. i build a wall in the shape of lips.
  • i've started writing, finally. what i'd always wanted to do, when i was a kid. why did i wait until now?

and so much more. but it seems like only a heartbeat.