June 24th, 2005


oh no, not again!

wednesday night, coming home from altoona. it was 10:30 or somewheres around there, and i was somewhere out west of harrisburg when my cell rang.

hmmm... strange. that's charlie and kim's number. and they're in japan...


"Hi, Bernie? this is John. I just wanted to tell you that I came over to turn off the lights and check on Kato, and I can't find him anywhere. I've been looking for him and calling him for 20 minutes, but he's not anywhere, and I can't hear the jingle of his collar or anything. So I figured I'd call you and let you know you might be getting a phone call if someone finds him."

kato is charlie and kim's brain-dead golden retriever. if he runs off, he can't figure out how to get home.

"um, did you look in the basement? he goes down there sometimes."

"Well, I didn't hear him. I'll go check."

about 5 minutes later, the phone rings again.

"You know where Charlie has a workshop? There's these shelves, and some stuff piled up there? He was buried under it. I had to move all these boxes to get him unwedged. He was just standing there, not moving, not barking or anything."

like i said: brain-dead. zombie-proof.