June 12th, 2005


in memorium: nicolai rosen

Someone cloned Nick Rosen's website.

Nick was a former netaxs employee, a student at UC Berkeley, the first of us to be lost, in March of 2002. Nick was a cool kid, smart and quirky, with a quick wit and an immensely gentle nature. My image of him will always be that which I saw most often, sitting in the dark of the support room, multicolored hair and sparse, wispy beard illuminated only by the glow of the CRT, and whatever light filtered in from the hallway. He always wore one glove, on his left hand, with the fingers cut out. His presence invariably brought a frown to management's face (or at least the furrowed brow of confusion), and a smile to the rest of us.



was poking around the other day, looking for some info abt emma bull (author of "war for the oaks"). turns out that she and her husband will shetterly (also an author) do writing workshops, and will has been kind enough to post some worthwhile stuff online.


and at the very bottom of that page is a link to this one, which is quite tasty, even if he misses the mark on the buffy-spike relationship (and on spike in general).