June 11th, 2005


Pride Music

the following was posted to a mailing list i'm on. i figured there might be some who read this journal that are interested. i've not included full names or addresses or anything, as i didn't ask permission to post.


Subject: Pride Music

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions on music suitable for my show
on Saturday. Special thanks to Meredith and JoAnn for suggestions
that actually made it onto the show. But the discussion itself,
listening and looking for the suggested music, put me in the right
mindset, which helped me find other music that I might not have
thought of.

Here's the music that will be played:

I Like What I Like - Green Chili Jam Band (Coconut Moon) 2:38
Who's So Scared - disappear fear (disappear fear) 4 to 6:15 (fadeable)
Ya Eyo Lublo "I Love Her"- Irina Rivkin (from upwelling) 3:00
The Christians and the Pagans - Dar Williams (from Mortal City) 3:00
Variations on a Theme - Billy Jonas (Get Real) 3:10
Home is Where The Heart Is - Sally Fingerett (or 4 Bitchin' Babes) 6:13

Rainbow Connection - Kermit
Everybody Be Yo'self - Keb' Mo' and The Kids (Songs of Sesame Str)
Black & White - Freddie McGregor & Brigadier Jerry
A Place in the Choir - Makem and Clancy 2:26

If anyone really cares, you can here it all at 9 am (MST) at kunm.org.