May 27th, 2005



thanks to thelost1 and m_c_t, linda and i ended up in nashameny mall tonight, watching a preview viewing of Serenity, the Firefly movie.

oh my.

the goodness of this movie goes far beyond fandom wishfulfillment; given time and money and commitment and a couple hours, joss has made something far greater than a 2 hour long TV episode. if you look at the SF and "action" genre movies out there, Serenity very clearly stands out among the best.

those of you who got a phone call at 9p tonight and chose NOT to drive out to take advantage of the extra ticket we had should kick yourselves, repeatedly. you know who your are; i'll be inspecting your shins.

*note: must find slash about river tam's feet, and if none exists, cause it to come into being*


every force evolves a form

was looking at my user info page thingie and noticed that there's people i don't know who have friended me; there's also apparently some random others who are reading this journal.

if'n you don't mind, take this opportunity to say hi, introduce yourselves and alla that fun stuffs. don't be a stranger...