May 8th, 2005


road trip, anyone?

One of my favoritest bands of all time, Boiled in Lead plays what they
call "Rock 'n Reel" - think Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span with a
hard rock/punk sensibility, blending Celtic, Slavic and Middle Eastern
rhythms with a whole lot of distortion. I first heard of them after their
last tour (in fact, the day after their Philly concert), and had one of
those epiphanies - this was the type of band I wanted to be in. The band
members show up regularly as characters in Steven Brust's novels.

Anyway, this just in:

* BOILED IN LEAD announce a new lineup. Original lead singer Todd Menton
and guitarist Dean Magraw bring the group to a five-piece, alongside
continuing members Robin "Adnan" Anders (drums), David Stenshoel (fiddle),
and Drew Miller (bass). Singer/guitarist Adam Stemple (in the band since
1993) is no longer performing with BiL. This move brings the "classic"
1986-1990 lineup back together, with new material and expanded
possibilities in the 5-piece format. The new BiL will make its debut
Sunday June 5th at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. More info at
the band's website. for samples.

Road trip to Minneapolis, anyone?