April 21st, 2005


looking for volunteers

linda and jesse have decided to quit smoking. they decided to start this yesterday.

therefore, i am in search of a mistress with whom i can stay for the next week or two. this would be a temporary position, only until the words "i NEED a cigarette" stop leaving bruises.

all your pope

i don't know where this originated. i got it in email.


In A.D. 2005
Papacy was beginning.

Priest: What happen ?
Altar Boy: Somebody set up us the pope.
Altar Boy: We get white smoke.
Priest: What !
Altar Boy: Main balcony doors open.
Priest: It's you !!
Pope Benedict XVI: How are you congregants !!
Pope Benedict XVI: All your saint are belong to us.
Pope Benedict XVI: You are on the way to salvation.
Priest: What you say !!
Pope Benedict XVI: You have no chance to convert make your time.
Pope Benedict XVI: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
Altar Boy: Father !!
Priest: Exit square every 'Zig'!!
Priest: You know what you doing.
Priest: Move 'Zig'.
Priest: For great holiness.