April 20th, 2005



back in february we (linda, me, jesse, kate, my brother and his ex-girlfriend, and my parents) went to tokyo fusion for a birthday dinner, and a few bottles of sake encouraged linda, my parents and others to spontaneously start singing harry belafonte songs. turns out that linda used to listen to the old double LP of "Live at Carnegie Hall" that her parents had all the time when she was a kid, and memorized the whole thing.

so began the hunt for the CD. turns out that the american version of the CD cut out a lot of the songs so they could fit it onto one disk. many bad reviews on amazon as a result. so i went to shady dog records (independent shop in wayne) and asked them to order me the import, which turned out to be easier said than done.

so it's april. the disk finally came in. i picked it up. brought it home.

it was sitting on the table when jesse came in. he saw it, looked horrified, picked it up.

jesse: what's this?

brni: harry belafonte

jesse: it's a mistake, right?

brni: no, it's an import.

jesse: it's imported from a mistake!

brni: it's from holland.

jesse: your face is from holland! [storms off, exit stage left]


at this point, every time linda hears or sees the phrase "your face is from holland" she becomes incapacitated and starts wheezing from laughter. remember this next time you see her drinking something.
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all the news that fit to post

so i called up the mac sensei. he's working on it now. he pulled the top case off and was able to get it to boot up and run. he ran a DVD on a loop all day to see if he could heat it up and make it have problems. so we know the hard drive is good (the biggest concern) and the LCD works (one of the 2 second biggest concerns). one problem is that it doens't start consistently. it's possible that it may end up needing a new motherboard, and i might need a new keyboard.

the other news of goodness is that it looks like some of this is covered under warrantee.

i'm thinking of getting an 80 gig external hard drive and ghosting my data onto it.