April 9th, 2005


first verse

there's this thing called interrobang cartel. it's, like, a band. like. someone recommended that there be a song called The Not Bitter Blues my friend charlie wrote the music. it's been looking for lyrics for a while now. thanks to </a></b></a>netherunicorn, i had source material for the first verse.

music is here: http://www.interrobangcartel.com/cgi-bin/ibc.pl?Not_Bitter_Blues

here's the first verse:

She was Cinderella at the ball
Wined and dined and danced
A childhood friend, a teenage crush
He was handsome, charming
So many years gone by
And now at last he’s hers
She gave him everything that night
And then he told her
   that he’s married

    But she’s not bitter, no
    No she’s not bitter

couple more verses to write. i think i've got the source material. question is whether i have the balls to use it.