March 10th, 2005


all things to everyone, the reptiles and i

we're still struggling with the broken feng shui of the new TV, but progress is being made. ikea makes these delightful simple wood wallmount cd racks. they used to make two varieties, one square and one tall and skinny. they look like this:

they seem to have stopped selling the tall skinny one, but still sell the square one, even tho it isn't on their web page. the square one comes with glass doors, but i discovered after the fact that the doors won't close on anything larger than a standard plastic cd case (in other words, some of the paper cd cases cause problems, and boxed sets are right out), so i removed them.

since not only did we lose the cabinet when we gained the TV and needed to figure out how to arrange the space in a pleasing manner, but i'd also run out of space for my disks, we picked up one of these things (already having had two of the tall/skinny ones pictured above). i put it together and then linda took a brush to it.

the results are, imo, spectacular.

she deserves a box full of socks, and more...