March 4th, 2005


evol is love spelled backwards

kim, the gamemistress of my d&d group (and supreme ruler of her own independant and mobile country that encompasses a 10' radius around her body, wherever that may be at the time), makes a point of remembering people's birthdays, and of having some sort of cake-like substance for that person on the closest game-night to said fateful day. so last night she and sam disappear into the kitchen, and come back out holding something with a single candle, intoning the familiar chant. my eyes did NOT deceive me: in lieu of cake, they had stacked two 4lb bags of pistachios on top of each other and stuck a candle on it.

i knew LJ would come back and bite me in the ass one day.

took a while for me to stop laughing long enough to blow out the candle. there were concerns, of course, about the toxins that might be released should the flame ignite the plastic packaging material, and so on. valid concerns, i'm sure. regardless, i recovered my composure and saved us all.