February 25th, 2005



the pun, it is said, is the highest form of humor. the pun uses words, sounds and metaconcepts to associate two divergent concepts.

my challenge to you is this: make a puntacle.

a puntacle would be a pun that associates 5 distinct concepts.

the person who provides the best pun gets to be Pope.

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I've been going through stuff I wrote a long time ago (some of it written in wordperfect, it's that old, and some of it older than that, written on a VAX/VMS system and downloaded using kermit).

Some of this stuff has surprised me - I find little bits that I really enjoy reading. For example (from something I haven't gotten processed yet):

Today I went to church for the first time in many years, and was still unimpressed. If not
for the fact that I may yet need to call upon the good graces of my Fellow Townspeople, I would
have walked out and demanded my money back. God provides solice for the weak, absolution
for the rich, and vindication for the powerful. He has nothing for the likes of me.

Anyway, all this stuff is up at http://gobi.kappamaki.com/~brni/text/ and http://gobi.kappamaki.com/~brni/text/starbucket/