February 14th, 2005


entropy sets in

the song is 6 minutes and 14 seconds long.

my brother had a party, back in maybe 1984, and there were punks of all sorts, peace punks and skinheads and everything in between, and there was this tea, brewed of a variety of different tea bags, and a generous amount of a foul tasting fungus, and there was mr. rogers as a guest star on the richard simmons show, and there was a girl peeling grapes and feeding them to me and to her boyfriend, and there was QVC on the teevee and we laughed as they tried to sell an ugly hollow ceramic duck with a removable head, and there was an african american anchor person on the news and the skinheads started saying all manner of unpleasant things about her and i told them to get the fuck out of my house and they said this was america and they had freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution and i told them the constitution also guaranteed property rights and this was my property with my rules so shut the fuck up or get the fuck out and they did, in fact, shut the fuck up.

and then my brother started having a bad time and disappeared into his room and people started leaving and then it was just me and four skinheads and i decided to go to bed and i put on my bunnydrums album and played the second side and the last song came on and i listened to it for hours but i couldn’t sleep and i went downstairs and the skinheads were trying to kick the ceiling and i stayed down there for a while and removed all the sharp implements like the knives from the kitchen and the skinheads were still trying to kick the ceiling and i went upstairs to go to bed and the same song was still playing.


other people i have spoken to that had partaken of the sacred mushroom and listened to that song have had similar experiences. not with the skinheads, but with time becoming really wonky as it played.

i first heard of them in my freshman year of college. i had the worst suck-ass schedule that semester – non-stop classes from 8:30 to 12:30, then hours of sitting around until my 4:30 class, and at a certain point i ended up reading leftover newspapers, and found a review of this band with the peculiar name “bunnydrums.” they had just put out their first album and named it PKD, naming it after the recently deceased philip k. dick, the science fiction writer. (my favorite SF author, incidentally.) i figured i needed to get it, even if it sucked, and when i did, I decided it didn’t suck. bunnydrums became my all-time favorite philly area band.