January 26th, 2005



NBC is showing a shocking (shocking, i say) expose on oral sex and teens. it seems that 12% of teens between 13 and 16 have had oral sex. good lord. what has happened to our values? when i was a kid, kids NEVER had sex. nope.

well. not the kids in band, with glasses, and such.

been a surreal week. was fighting the flu all week. yesterday, an ambulance came and took away one of my neighbors, across the street and a few houses down. seems like that whole side of the street is dying off - this is the 4th in the last year. today, a car pulled up in front of my house and a kid hopped out of the back seat and ran off down the street. the car went into reverse and sped after him.

people keep asking me if i think we're going to the superbowl. dude, i usually call that a bong, but whatever, man. or: i'm not going to the superbowl, but i'll be heading up to scranton tomorrow. or: iggles? what's... oh, baseball. not a big baseball fan. oh wait, it's winter. i'm not a big hockey fan.

some asshole is talking about "second virginity." like... eh, never mind. people are fucking morons.

at 11, the news will be full of people painted green, screaming "iggles! iggles! iggles!" it's good to know we've got our priorities straight.

check out Matisyahu - the hasidic reggae guy. he's actually not bad, and i like the fact that he and a muslim rapper do a lot of shows together.

i'm just slightly too sick to go out, so i've missed kristen hersh tonight. *puts on sad face* she writes some crazy cool songs, and is a fiercely good guitarist (as one person in the Ectophiles Guide to Good Music said: "a common complaint of mine: if Ms. Hersh and Donelly were male, they would be on lots of lists of best and most original guitar players.")

i'm told that the "big question on everyone's mind" is whether "T.O." will play in the superbowl. never mind the helicopter crash in iraq. never mind the asshole who derailed a train in california while failing to commit suicide. or that dubya has "firmly planted the flag of liberty." planted like a mob hit.

enough. people suck