brni (brni) wrote,

organic living

i've been toying with the idea of "organic computers" - i.e. computers with minimal silicon/metal/plastic bits. not in an androids sense, but in a energy-and-resources-is-scarce sense. i'm trying to get a sense of what this would entail. wooden gears? alternate modes of powering your device (solar cells, wind, donkeys walking in a circle to crank a generator?)? idly turning the crank while you pick at the keyboard, a la old style movie cameras? perhaps a sewing-machine-style pump? or maybe only the rich folks have house-sized computers, and peasants get to work the billows? how are the bits formed, toggled, processed, read, displayed?

how do we create a viable computer technology that is affordable and manageable for a resource-scarce world, where travel becomes prohibitive and some iteration of tehIntarweb is the only form of non-very-local community available to most people.

(this link, provided by the fabulous ladywind, was fortuitously timed to kick idle musings into slightly less idle musings.)
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