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I'm in a State

“What could be more American?” the reporter asked, concluding his segment on the State of the Union Bingo game that is being offered to school teachers as a learning tool. One might ask how bingo can be a learning tool. Simple. The kid is supposed to watch the State of the Union, and when the President says certain key words (like “Iraq” or “Madame Speaker”), the kid is supposed to mark her/his Bingo sheet. This, it has been asserted, encourages kids to listen analytically.

Right. What it'll do is encourage the kids to listen for instances of predetermined keywords, rather than how those words are used in what context. Boil the State of the Union speech down to 24 words and phrases. Pay attention to what we tell you to pay attention to. Don't worry about what it really means. And for God and Country's sake, if you absolutely must think, whatever you do, don't think outside the lines.

Sound exciting? Don't you fret – you can play too:
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