brni (brni) wrote,

and i think that god has a sick sense of humor

2006 started poorly, with Chris Allen's catastrophic stroke and the unrecognized beginnings of what would later turn my life inside out, and has gone downhill, through deaths in the family, of bad things happening to our friends and to people we love and respect, through linda's debilitating back problems, and so on. the list is longer than i want to talk about.

a couple days before xmas, linda's uncle bob had back surgery. he'd been in constant pain for months, out of work because of it, etc. on xmas, he was feeling fine. a bit sore where the incision was, but he was out of pain. he was excited about being able to walk again, about being able to go back to work, do stuff around the house, everything. he was excited about having his life back.

this morning he slipped and fell in the bathroom.

just like that, and it's over.
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