brni (brni) wrote,

unnamed story, part 1

this is the first bit of a new story - not quite sure whether i'll be following this one up now, or whether i'll go back to Fife & Drum to see if i can get that complete. depends on what mood i'm in, i guess, as the new year settles in.

She could have sworn it wasn't there a minute ago.

“I'll be fucked if I ever smoke pot again,” Gillian Tess muttered under her breath. She stared at the decrepit building, the peeling paint, broken windows staring like empty eye sockets, opening onto infinity, into endless void. Just as he'd described it. “Goddamn it.” This had started out as a bad day and it just kept getting worse. She turned away with a scowl, hoping the others hadn't noticed. But Leslie had. Leslie hadn't stopped watching her since they'd gotten off the subway, since before that. Leslie'd seen her stop and stare, and had followed her eyes. Bitch.

“Oh, shit, Tess,” Leslie said. “How the hell did we miss that?” The others turned around and made appropriate noises, gathering around the two women.

“Yeah, alright. So it's here. Now can we go?” Tess shifted her weight nervously. She should have just kept her mouth shut earlier.

Leslie looked at her coldly. “Go? Are you crazy?”

“If we leave now we can catch the R5 before SEPTA shuts down for the night.”

Eric checked his watch. “Tess is right. We should leave now if we're getting back home.”

“Fuck. You're as much of a pussy as Tess is.” Leslie shook her head at him. “We're here now. I'm going in.”

Tess put her hand on Leslie's shoulder. “Please...”

“Don't fucking touch me!” Leslie pulled back angrily, shaking off Tess's hand. “You don't get to touch me anymore! Not after this morning.” She spun and stomped angrily to the stoop. “You all just stand around in the cold. I'm gonna go see some ghosts.”

Eric turned to Tess. “What happened this morning?”

Tags: fiction, unnamedstory
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