brni (brni) wrote,

pale as the phases of the moon

he stood in the midst of his machinary looking like some futuristic wwII pilot, shaved head sporting tinted goggles, headphones, and other gear, cables draping off him like tentacles. one of the pieces on his head was a camera, apparently the same type that is in use by the military in iraq, converted to more peaceful ends. the camera saw what he saw, displayed it on the screen. he used old oscillascopes as well as modern synths to generate music. from the description of the show, i expected a lot of experimentation with funky gear, but he actually used it to perform stuff mostly from his first three albums. for example, he used numerical sunspot data collected by satellite and posted on the internet as the input values into the equipment to generate the sounds that he used as the intro for one of his songs.

the solo gig required a lot of sequencing, but very little of it was pre-recorded - it was all played, live, layer upon layer. very nice. i think this rendition of the flat earth is perhaps the best i've heard.

i'd forgotten how really good dolby is.

there was this guy, bt, who came on after thomas dolby. very different sound - trance electronica - but very interesting nontheless. bt is more on the experimental side of trance, and one of his band members played an electric hurdy gurdy (and glockenspiel, and hammer dulcimer, and something they called a zendrum.

one thing that was really nice was the levels of mutual respect between dolby and bt, with each musician appearing on the other's set. all in all, an excellent way to spend a thursday night.
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