brni (brni) wrote,

single malt welsh?

the 10 year laphroaig was sold out.

there was a 15 year laphroaig, but it was, like, $65. frowns there was a laguvulin, another islay single malt, but it was the 16 year, for $67. shit. and then there was one i'd not heard of before. Penderyn. It looked interesting.

The box says:

PENDERYN has an exceptionally balanced taste of cream toffee and fleetingly of fresh new leather. Then, as the initial sensations fade, the finishing notes of tropical fruits, raisins and vanilla emerge strongly and are long lasting.

hmm. tastes like a boot. how can one resist? - looks like they also make something called "MERLYN Welsh Cream Liquore"
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