brni (brni) wrote,

judo and karate

Howard usually teaches the thursday night class. Howard is amazing. He's in his sixties, doesn't look it at all. "I have to keep doing this," he tells me, "to keep up with my grandchildren." He conducts a... vigorous class. When I was just starting, I was afraid of his classes; they wore me out like no other class did.

Last night, Howard didn't come in, and I ended up being the senior ranking black belt. I haven't taught a lot of classes, but I do enjoy it, even though you don't really get as good a workout. When I teach, I try to mix in a little bit of stuff we don't usually see: combination kicks on moving targets, some judo throws, stuff about leverage, about balance and unbalance. I ended the class with 15 minutes of sparring and then one round of grappling, and I think even the younguns worked up a good sweat by the end.

After class, Mike (one of the black belts) and I grappled, mostly me letting him try stuff and then showing him why it was a bad idea (you just gave me that arm bar and that leaves you open to this choke and you sure you WANT to put yourself in that position?). Of course, I didn't tell him. I showed him, sometimes with a bit of post-mortum explanation. Still not enough to work up a sweat.

Judo class was still going, though, and they invited me in for the last 5 minutes. 5 minutes of randori with Charlie wiped me out. Always a humbling experience, that, when nothing one tries works, and the best you can hope for is to block most of their moves and try not to fall down too often. At the very end, he managed to get past my defenses, get me off balance, and I knew I was going down. But I also knew he was off balance himself, so I gripped, pulled hard and twisted, and felt him start to fall. In a perfect world, I'd have fallen, with him going over me and landing beside me, giving me the opportunity to roll and apply a choke (which he'd then easily get out of, but it's a start). In the real world, he came down on top of me, ribs to my belly. Eventually, things slid back into place, and though it still hurts, I'm not peeing blood or anything.

So. Overall, a good experience...
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