brni (brni) wrote,

just to show we're still tough on terrorists

cindy sheehan has been arrested for delivering an anti-war petition to the white house.

in other news, in a display of liberal media bias, the main line times headline today was not anything about the democrats having an overwhelming win in the house, or control of the senate hanging on a very close race in VA. no, headline was "GERLACH DOES IT AGAIN!"

and before we get too comfortable, lets keep this in mind:

Arizona Proposition 103: English as Official Language - Yes

California Proposition 87: Funds for Alternative Energy - No

Colorado Referendum I: Domestic Partnership - No

Colorado Amendment 43: Ban Same-Sex Marriage - Yes

Colorado Amendment 44: Legalize Marijuana - No

Idaho Amendment 2: Ban Same-Sex Marriage - Yes

Michigan Proposition 2: Restrict Affirmative Action - Yes

Nevada Question 7: Legalize Marijuana - No

South Carolina Amendment 1: Ban Same-Sex Marriage - Yes

South Dakota Amendment C: Ban Same-Sex Marriage - Yes

South Dakota Initiative 4: Allow Medical Marijuana - No

Tennessee Amendment 1: Ban Same-Sex Marriage - Yes

Virginia Ballot Question 1: Ban Same-Sex Marriage - Yes

Wisconsin Referendum 1: Ban Same-Sex Marriage - Yes
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