brni (brni) wrote,

visiting the shady dog

and mike said "hey, how's it going? anything i can help you find?" and i said "what do you have in 'hoping the good guys win' music?" he tilted his head: "do we both think the same folks are the good guys?" i laughed. "good," he said, "'cause if anything santorum is even more evil than bush! just look around. any CD with a picture of some guys stomping on the head of a guy in a suit is right music."

i ended up picking up:

chris smithers leave the light on

nellie mckay get away from me

can tago mago

king crimson the collectable king crimson, vol one (2 live concerts from 1974)

MC5 kick out the jams

i suspect only the MC5 fit the bill of what i asked for. that's ok. am in more of a chris smithers mood right abt now.
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